Shane Filan UK

Here is some updates from Shane today in the studio whoop whoop what a Filan Friday treat!

I thought I give this a share for the lads to spread the word yes it may not mean anything yet so please don’t do any guess works on my pages, this could mean just to make it easier for you all tor receive updates on what they do on there Facebook page and YouTube page etc right to your email box’s so those who haven’t heard already or missed out on this check this page for more information.


The sign up is really simple all you have to do is click on sign up and it will ask you to fill out few bits and pieces and there you go your all signed up to there official news letter.


Seeing as they taken the link off, I have done a print screen of where you have to go and sign up to there news letter.

Where it says sign up on there page just click on there and it take you to the sign up page.


I have only just got round to updating my site as I haven’t really been in the mood too so now I’m back and ready to start updating again.

So anyway here is some updates that Shane did on twitter so read below! He’s recording the song this week so hopefully soon we’ll find out exactly what he’s picked!.

Ah looks like album 3 will be amazing check these tweets out and make sure you choose wisely as I think your name will go on the album credits when he’s chosen the song:

Check out below to what you have to do:

Stay tuned at 8pm tonight as Shane’s got a very cool tweet coming our way any minute, whatever the exciting news is I will post on here!!

2017. February. 07.

Yay I am so happy to confirm that Shane has some good tunes written down and been recording too, take a look at this tweet below!

Yay Shane Filan has given us the best FilanFriday tweets that we have all been waiting for but as you can tell he’s back in the studio working on his new album which I honestly can’t wait to get promoting I can tell this is going to be the best one yet. So check below his tweet:

Make sure you all check your email as my lovely friend Angela Smith has confirmed to me today that all the merchandise bundle for the Valentines day stuff will be dispatched tomorrow.












Also me and Angela has requested on our page that when you get your bundle make sure you share the excitement on our page and we’ll make a Valentine day folder with all the fans holding there stuff so Shane said see who buys it. If you want my page reminder again here it is: Shane Filan Surrey

Don’t forget everyone to order your stock while it last as the sale ends today: Check out Shane’s website for more details:

Here is Shane FIlan’s tweet reminder from Shane Filan about his valetines bundle so if you want it remember you have to get it by Sunday 29th!! Read his tweet for more details about the product!